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Info about security, timing and mobility: see Timing under Calendar

De Lijn and NMBS/SNCB services disrupted on Tuesday, 27 February

Due to a trade union strike, the services of De Lijn and NMBS/SNCB will be disrupted on Tuesday, 27 February. Please take into account potential problems when using De Lijn or NMBS/SNCB for your journey to/from the Sportpaleis for the Kendrick Lamar concert or for your journey to/from the Lotto Arena for the Elbow concert. Sportpaleis Group hopes that tram 3 will be available, but asks concertgoers to consult the websites of De Lijn and NMBS/SNCB for all further information or to look for alternative ways to attend the concerts. If you come by car, we kindly recommend you to park your car at Parking Spoor Oost along the Noordersingel in Borgerhout, at walking distance from the Lotto Arena and the Sportpaleis. Please note that Parking Spoor Oost is situated in the Low Emission Zone. More information about Parking Spoor Oost (in Dutch only).

Very Special Guest: Jonathan Jeremiah

Tickets: 42 euros.

Important message: delayed ticket transfer! Tele Ticket Service will send the tickets at the earliest 4 weeks before the event. The main reason for this measure is the fight against ticketing fraud and the black market. By delivering the tickets only 4 weeks before the event, resale at extremely high prices on the black market is being impeded.

Resale of tickets at exorbitant prices is illegal in Belgium. Facilitation hereof via a website is prosecutable. Any person offering excessively purchased ticket for resale via these concerned websites risks to be prosecuted in court.


Tue 27.02.2018

Doors - to be announced
Start - to be announced

Lotto Arena

The seller mentioned above is an officially recognised point of sale. Do not buy tickets from mala fide sellers. More information at I Love My Ticket (Dutch)

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"Elbow" is organised by Live Nation Belgium