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Anne-Marie Speak Your Mind Tour 2019

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Info about security, timing and mobility: see Timing under Calendar

Support: Lennon Stella

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A waiting list has been opened for this event. In case additional tickets are available, these will be assigned in order of registration.

Do not buy tickets on the secondary market! Entry can be denied in the event that tickets were not obtained via the official sales channel.

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Tickets: 34.11 euros.
Important message: delayed ticket transfer! Tele Ticket Service will send the tickets at the earliest 4 weeks before the event.
Caution! For tickets purchased at the box office an extra service charge of 2 euros per ticket will be charged.


Wed 15.05.2019

Doors - 18:30
Start - 20:00

Lotto Arena

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"Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind Tour 2019" is organised by Live Nation Belgium