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Yuval Harari The Future of Sapiens

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Newsweek brings intellectual rock star Yuval Harari to Belgium

Newsweek Belgium launched its first issue on 25 September. On the day that the first monthly magazine was available, it immediately launched a stunt: philosopher and historian Yuval Harari comes to Belgium. Today was announced that the event will take place in the Lotto Arena.

Philosopher and historian Yuval Harari has three books in the non-fiction top 30, of which 20 million copies are sold worldwide. He is the author of ‘Sapiens’, ‘Homo Deus’ and ’21 lessons for the 21st century’. This 43-year-old Jewish academic helped to shape the economic debate in just a few years. He is considered to be one of the most influential and refreshing thinkers of the moment. Obama saw him as the most important source of inspiration for his policy.

At a major event on Monday, 27 January 2020, you can see the intellectual rock star LIVE in action, thanks to Newsweek. Buy your tickets now!

In collaboration with Canvas.

Tickets: 52, 65, 95, 125 and 175 euros.
There is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.

It’s no coincidence that Newsweek chooses such an international, influential thinker. That’s exactly what the magazine wants to do: connect Flanders with the world.

(Announced on 10.10.19)


Mon 27.01.2020

Doors - 18:30
Start - 20:00

Lotto Arena

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