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COVID-19 updates

What is the status of the event I bought tickets for?
Due to the measures taken by the Belgian government to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19), many events cannot take place on the scheduled date. You can consult the list of events affected by the corona crisis on the Tele Ticket Service website. This list is updated regularly. If the event for which you bought tickets does not appear in the list, it means that the organiser has not yet provided concrete information about the status of the event.

I have tickets for an event that has been moved. What can I do now?
If an event is rescheduled, all ticket buyers are notified via email. Without further notice, tickets remain valid for the new date. If you cannot attend, you will find a link to the refund form in the email.

I have tickets for an event that has been rescheduled to a date yet to be determined. What can I do now?
If an event is rescheduled and the new date is not yet known, we ask you to keep your tickets anyway. As soon as the new date is known you will receive a new email.

I have tickets for an event that has been cancelled. What do I do now?
If an event is cancelled, ticket buyers will receive the necessary information for a refund via email.

General info

What is the address of the Lotto Arena?
Schijnpoortweg 119, 2170 Antwerp

Do minors need to be accompanied?
Minors may enter the venue without being accompanied by an adult. However, the Lotto Arena cannot be held responsible for these minors under any circumstances.

Can children enter for free?
No, every person needs a ticket to get in. Depending on the concert or the nature of the show, there are sometimes special prices for children, so always contact Tele Ticket Service.

I have lost something during the event. Who can I contact to report this?
A mobile unit of the police is present at each event. You can immediately contact them to report lost objects. If you notice that you have lost something after the event, you can always enquire via our administrative department. You can reach us every working day from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on the phone number +32 3 400 60 00. PLEASE NOTE that you cannot order tickets via this number. You can also send an e-mail to to inquire about your belongings. If your belongings are found, you can pick them up from the reception desk at our offices. Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Lost and found items are only kept for a limited period of time. Valuable items, such as personal documents, will be delivered by us to the police and can be picked up at the following address: Police Antwerp, Unolaan 2, 2100 Deurne, +32 3 338 47 50.

Can I do a student job at the Lotto Arena?
Not during the summer festival season, as few events are organised then. During the rest of the year we are always looking for stewards and hostesses. Mail your motivation to If you are eligible, we will invite you for an introduction as soon as possible.

If you are a member of a non-profit organisation, you and other member of your organisation can come and work at our bars during concerts to earn some extra money. To find out how this works and whether you qualify, send an e-mail to

Tickets & reservations

When will ticket sales for an event start?
The time of the start of ticket sales for a particular event will be announced through this website, our social media and other media channels. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for information on upcoming events.

How can I buy tickets?
Tickets for all our events are sold via Tele Ticket Service

To book online, click the ticket button of the event of your choice on the Tele Ticket Service website. You will also find the ticket link as a button on the venue’s website. If there is no ticket button visible on the Tele Ticket Service website, this means that the sale did not start yet. The start of the ticket sale is stated on the event page.

If an event is not sold out, you can also buy a ticket at the Lotto Arena box office before the start. The box office opens about 1,5 hour before the start of the event. Do not buy tickets on the street or through alternative websites (viagogo, ticketswap). You will pay too much and there is a good chance that the tickets are forged and you will be denied access.

For information on whether or not box office sales are available just before the event, please check the TIMING information published on the website a few days before the event. Please note that tickets purchased at the box office are subject to an additional service charge of 2 euros per ticket.

I am a visitor with reduced mobility, how can I buy tickets?
The venue has specially reserved spaces for wheelchair users and their companions. Tickets for these spaces cannot be bought online. Book your places by phone at 03/400.00.34 (from abroad +32.3.400.00.34) or contact us via the contact form.

Can I choose my own seats?
You cannot choose your own seats when booking online. Seats are allocated automatically according to the “equal allocation” principle. The venue is filled equally, not block by block.

If the ticketing system can no longer allocate seats together (side-by-side), individual seats will be offered. This is always clearly indicated in a red box at the top of the page. In this case, side-by-side seats are also no longer available via the call centre.

If you would like to reserve specific seats, have a particular preference or would like to find out what the possibilities are, please contact the Customer Experience Center of Tele Ticket Service.

Are there restrictions on the number of tickets per purchase?
In most cases there is a limit of 10 places. This can vary from event to event. For a larger number of tickets, please contact the Customer Experience Center of Tele Ticket Service.

How do I make a reservation for a large group?
Would you like to attend an event with your association or group? That is possible! At many events, groups are also offered great discounts or benefits. For more information, send an email to

When will I receive my tickets?
As soon as you have booked your places, you will receive a booking confirmation and a payment invitation by email or ordinary mail (unless you have opted for payment by bancontact, credit card or (in the Netherlands) i-Deal, in which case you will be immediately directed to the payment site Ingenico). Your reservation is only final after payment. The tickets will be sent to you by post or e-mail after payment. For some events there is a delayed ticket delivery, which means that the tickets are only delivered about four weeks before the event.

What to do if I have not received my tickets, if they are lost or stolen?
Please note that for some events there is a delayed ticket delivery. In that case, the tickets will not be delivered until about four weeks before the event. If you still haven’t received your tickets 1 week before the event, please contact the Customer Experience Center of Tele Ticket Service.

If you ordered online with the data from an (in the meantime) closed mail account or if you entered an incorrect mail address when registering, it is obvious that the e-tickets cannot be delivered. You can try to change the mail address via your account on the Tele Ticket Service website. If this does not work, your paid reservation will of course remain valid and you can pick up your tickets at the box office upon presentation of your identity card. Make sure you have your reservation number at hand.

Tickets sent by post can be replaced in case of loss or theft. This will be done at the box office on the day of the event. Duplicate tickets are reprinted only once. The tickets can only be handed over to the original purchaser upon presentation of his or her identity card.

Invalidate your lost or stolen tickets by contacting Tele Ticket Service one week before the event. This way, third parties cannot use your tickets.

Where are my seats in the venue?
To find out which seats you can reserve or where exactly you will be seated, consult the seating plan. Click here to see the Lotto Arena seating plan. Please note: the seating plan only shows the colour zones where the seats are located. This map has nothing to do with the different price categories that apply to an event. Various seating arrangements are possible at the Lotto Arena. Each organiser decides for himself which seats he allocates which price.

What happens to my ticket if the event is postponed or cancelled?
If the event is postponed, your tickets remain valid for the later date. We will keep you informed via our website and via email of the new date on which we expect you with your ‘old’ ticket. If you are unable to come on that day, you may request a refund. Please contact the seller of your ticket for a refund. If the event is cancelled and there is no new date, then you will be refunded. Please contact the seller of your ticket for that as well.

Can I change my ticket if there are changes in the supporting programme of a concert?
Cancellations and/or changes to the supporting acts of a concert are no reason for a refund or exchange of tickets.

Will my ticket be refunded if I do not use it?
Unused tickets will not be refunded.

When is a ticket invalid?
Your ticket is only valid for the day and time and for the event indicated on the front of the ticket. The ticket is not valid without the barcode and/or if it is illegible.

Do not buy tickets on the street or from auction sites or second-hand ticket sites, as there is a high chance that they are forged. Fake or illegally resold tickets are easily recognisable at the venue’s entrance via the barcode on the ticket.

Can I resell my ticket?
It is forbidden to resell the tickets or provide them to third parties in any way for commercial reasons.

For other common questions regarding tickets: click here.

VIP Experience

How can I book a VIP Experience?
On the website, go to the event of your choice via the calendar. After you have clicked on this event, you will see the option to purchase a VIP Experience via a button.

You can find a complete overview of all events with a VIP experience in our VIP section.

As a wheelchair user, can I access the VIP areas?
As a wheelchair user, you can use the lift to reach the Lotto Suites. You can follow the event from reserved places in the venue. If you do not need your wheelchair permanently, you can call upon the volunteer staff of the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to find your place. Please inform us in time so that we can make the necessary preparations. If you, as a wheelchair user, would like to reserve a VIP package, please contact the VIP department via before placing your VIP order.

Can I also meet the artist if I book a VIP Experience?
Unfortunately not. We rent our venue and everything that comes with it to an organiser, and he is the one in contact with the artist. We can only ensure that you can enjoy the event in the most exclusive way, including various VIP benefits.

Where are the VIP car park and the VIP entrance?
If you have ordered VIP tickets, you are also entitled to a parking space. The VIP parking spaces are located on our private parking lot Vaart on the right-hand side of the Sportpaleis. You will always find the right parking lot mentioned on your ticket. The entrance of the Lotto Suites is entrance 13 on the far left at the front of the building. View the location plan


Can I get to the Lotto Arena by public transport?
Together with public transport company De Lijn, Sportpaleis/Lotto Arena has developed an events network. Make use of it: it saves you queuing up in traffic before and after the event and you avoid parking problems. Your ticket is valid as a combined Lotto Arena-De Lijn ticket. It guarantees you not only access to the Lotto Arena but also free use of De Lijn trams and buses to the event and back.

If you don’t live in the Antwerp region, we recommend you park your car at one of the P+R sites and take the pre-metro to our venues. NV Antwerps Sportpaleis has extra trams and buses available and asks, in order to make this possible, a solidary “contribution free use P+R, tram and bus” of 0.50 euro with each ticket, which is much less than the normal cost of a return ticket with De Lijn. De Lijn guarantees return journeys and transfers within normal working hours. For more information go to the section Mobility.

What is a ‘combiticket’ (combined ticket)?
Your admission ticket is a combined ticket. It not only grants you access to the venue, it is also valid as a ticket on the trams and buses of De Lijn in Antwerp when you travel to and from the event. Check our website for the latest return trip times. For more information about the combiticket, the stops in front of the door and the Park+Rides, click here.

Can I easily park in the vicinity of the Lotto Arena?
Make it easy on yourself: avoid the Sportpaleis/Lotto Arena area, park at a Park+Ride and take the tram or bus to the venue. Your combiticket Lotto Arena – De Lijn is valid as a travel ticket! Together, the P+R sites have room for almost 2,000 cars. The Lotto Arena will deploy extra trams depending on the expected number of visitors. Click here for more information about the Park+Rides.

Thanks to our cooperation with Interparking you can enjoy the advantageous event rate when you park in the city centre at the Roosevelt, De Keyser, Hopland or Horta car parks and then take public transport to the Lotto Arena. With your ticket you can make free use of the trams and buses of De Lijn. You only pay 4 euros for 6 hours of parking at Interparking when you validate your parking ticket at the reception desk of the venue. By validating your parking ticket, you can enjoy the event rate when you pay at the car park.

Don’t look for a parking space in the streets near the Lotto Arena. These streets are a blue zone with limited parking time during events! The parking spaces in the nearby residential streets are primarily reserved for local residents. Motorists from elsewhere must place their parking disc behind the windscreen and can only park for a short period of time. The use of the parking disc is compulsory, except for residents, from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to midnight and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9 a.m. to midnight. During events in the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena, there is increased parking control in the Sportpaleis/Lotto Arena blue zone.

If you are coming to an event in the Lotto Arena and there is also an event in the Sportpaleis, you can park your car in the Vaart, Carrette, Slachthuis and Spoor Oost parking lots (parking costs 5 euros everywhere). Advice: To be on the safe side, check which parking lots are available on the event page via the Timing button before you leave!

The Spoor Oost parking lot on Noordersingel is only open when a large crowd is expected (events simultaneously in Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena). The Lotto Arena is within walking distance. You can pay for your parking session at the ticket machines or via app and SMS by entering your license plate. You pay 5 euros per parking session. The parking lot is equipped with ANPR cameras. They register your license plate when you drive in and out. That is why there are no barriers. Your number plate will only be stored in the system when you drive on without paying. In that case you will have to pay a parking fee of 30 euros. The parking lot opens 3 hours before the show and parking is possible until 2 hours after the event. Please note: Parking Spoor Oost is located in the Low Emission Zone.

If there is only an event in the Lotto Arena and not in the Sportpaleis and not in the Lotto Arena, only the parking lots Carrette and Slachthuis will be available. You always find the available parking lots mentioned on the event page by clicking Timing a few days before the event.

Keep in mind that the entire city centre, a part of Linkeroever (the Left Bank), large parts of the Singel and the Noorderlaan from Kinepolis onwards are part of the Low Emission Zone that keeps polluting cars out. The Slachthuis and Park Spoor Oost parking lots are also in the Low Emission Zone, which is indicated by its own signposting.

For more information, go to the section Mobility

Do I have a parking space when I order a VIP Experience in the Lotto Arena?
If you have purchased a VIP Experience ticket, a parking space will be reserved for you.

Do I have a parking space when I order a wheelchair place in the venue?
Customers who bought wheelchair places are entitled to reserved parking spots available up till 30 minutes before the start of an event. These spots are located on our private parking Vaart (5 euros) on the right-hand side of the Sportpaleis. Strict control is maintained on these reserved spots. So please keep your EU parking card, ID and entrance ticket ready to show to our parking attendants. If you are temporarily less mobile due to an accident or a medical operation and if you don’t have an EU parking card, you will need to inform our parking attendants at the entrance of the reserved parking spots, preferably with a doctor’s or other medical certificate as proof. Or contact us in advance by sending an email to

Is there a bicycle shed at the Lotto Arena?
Going on foot is an excellent choice to avoid traffic delays and parking problems if you live or work in the close proximity of the Sportpaleis. For those who like to bike, we have 660 bike parking racks available close to Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena. You can also rent a bicycle provided by the city of Antwerp at many locations via Velo Antwerpen.

Can I take a taxi to the venue and back?
If you take a taxi, you can get out at the door of the Sportpaleis BEFORE the event. AFTER the event, go to the taxi stand in Van der Delfstraat, the street opposite the Lotto Arena entrance.

Course of your visit

When do you open the doors for an event?
We usually open the doors about an hour and a half before the start of the event. This gives you plenty of time to have a drink and find your place. You will find information on the start and end times of the event by clicking Timing on the event page. This information is usually supplied to us by the organiser a few days before the event and is therefore only published just before the event.

Visitors enter the Lotto Arena through entrance 14, on the left around the corner. In order to facilitate entry into the venue itself and to simplify control, we insist that every visitor has his/her own ticket in his/her hand. This allows for a smooth scanning of your ticket.

As part of the security measures, Sportpaleis Group is tightening up its (hand)bag policy! All bags larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (or 8.27 × 11.81 × 3.94 inch; A4 size) are FORBIDDEN. Backpacks and all kinds of luggage are also prohibited! Strict controls are carried out. If for medical reasons you cannot meet the requested sizes, please contact us in advance via

Are there lockers?
Avoid bringing larger items tot he venue. All bags larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (or 8.27 × 11.81 × 3.94 inch; A4 size) are FORBIDDEN. The Lotto Arena has lockers available outside on the new entrance plaza at entrance 14. You can store your belongings there for a fee. The fee for a locker is 6 euros or 8 euros, depending on the size of the locker. To our regret, there are no lockers available as yet in which a motorbike helmet can be stored.

What if I lose my locker key?
When you lose your locker key, we cannot immediately hand over your personal items. In this case there are 2 options:

Can I eat and drink something at the Lotto Arena?
Yes, certainly. There are several possibilities to eat something, both inside and outside the venue. From fries and hamburgers to pasta and waffles. The bars have an assortment of soft drinks, beer, wine and cava. Own drinks and food are not allowed. At the bars and food stands you can pay cashless and even contactless with your bank card, your smartphone or the Sportpaleis Group Cashless Card. This will save you time, provides you with more comfort and ensures that you do not miss a single moment of the event. More info

Are there any restaurants near the Lotto Arena?
Before and after an event, the restaurants near the Lotto Arena are happy to welcome you. Some restaurants in the Lange Lobroekstraat offer shuttle transport to and from the Lotto Arena after your meal, so that you can leave your car in front of the restaurant door. More info

How do I find my seat in the arena?
In the reception area, you will find colour-coded signs to guide you to your seats (see the colour coding on your ticket). There are staff everywhere to guide you to your place. To the seating plan

Are we really sitting next to each other in the arena?
In the Lotto Arena there are blocks of seats that connect to each other. They form a single ‘physical’ block of seats, but consist of two separately numbered sections. For example: Lotto Arena block 118/119: the numbering of the seats runs from seat 1 to 8 in block 118, and then again from 8 to 1 in block 119. In the middle you get two seats with the same seat number 8.

block 118 / block 119.
1– 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

However, not all blocks contain the same number of seats, so combinations other than 8-8 are also possible where two blocks meet.

Can I leave the arena during the event?
You can leave the arena at any time to get something to eat or drink. You can use your ticket to go outside and smoke. It is very important to keep your ticket, otherwise you will not be allowed back in.

Visitors with reduced mobility

Is the venue easily accessible to people with reduced mobility?
Of course it is! People with reduced mobility also enter through entrance 14, on the left around the corner. Customers who bought wheelchair places are entitled to reserved parking spots available up till 30 minutes before the start of an event. These spots are located on our private parking Vaart (5 euros), which is on the right-hand side of the Sportpaleis. Strict control is maintained on these reserved spots. So please keep your EU parking card, ID and entrance ticket ready to show to our parking attendants. Volunteers from the Belgian Red Cross – Flanders will accompany the person with reduced mobility to his or her place in the venue, together with his or her companion. More info

First Aid

Is there a medical service at the Lotto Arena?
Yes, there is! At each event, a medical team is present in the building. Do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary. The volunteers of the Belgian Red Cross – Flanders are always ready to assist visitors in the best possible way.


Is there a cash dispenser at the Lotto Arena?
There is a cash dispenser on the front of the Sportpaleis, to the left of the main entrance.
Please note that we ask for cashless payment in the venue.

Can I pay cashless?
At every point of sale in each of the Sportpaleis Group venues, you can pay cashless and even contactless with your bank card, your smartphone or the Sportpaleis Group Cashless Card. At all bars, food stands and ticket counters, we accept Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

What is the Sportpaleis Group Cashless Card?
The Sportpaleis Group has developed the Sportpaleis Group Cashless Card especially for you for easy and quick payments at the bars, food stands and ticket counters in each of the Sportpaleis Group venues. The card is available at the info desk of the venue and has an initial value of 10, 20 or 50 euros. Once purchased, you can reload it as often as you like with amounts of your choice. The amount remains on your card until it is used. You can check the balance of your card at any bar, food stand and at the recharge points, but also via the app and the Cashless Card website.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

Does the venue offer earplugs?
You will find earplug machines at the toilets in the venue. The noise production during an event is of course always within the legal level. However, if you experience any nuisance, protect your hearing so that you can continue to enjoy events now and in the future in optimal conditions. You pay 2 euros per set at the earplug machine, but you can get your money back when you hand in your earplugs at the reception desk after the event.

Is there a babysitting service for children?
No, there is not. Why not ask a babysitter?

Which hotels are recommended by the Lotto Arena?
Combine your visit to the Lotto Arena with an overnight stay in the city. The city on the Scheldt has many tourist attractions and there are plenty of places to stay. We recommend the Radisson Blu Astrid hotel near Central Station. Park easily and safely at the hotel, have a quick bite to eat in the restaurant and then take the tram from the Koningin Astridplein to the doorstep of the Lotto Arena. The tram ride there and back is included in your entrance. More info

What is allowed/What is not allowed?

Can I bring food and drinks to the venue?
You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the Lotto Arena. However, this should not be a problem as there are several stands in the venue where you can buy all kinds of food and drinks. The drinks and snacks that are available inside may be taken into the arena itself, but we do ask that you keep the place clean and pleasant for everyone. Please do not leave any litter in and around the arena. There are plenty of bins in which you can dispose of your rubbish.

What objects are not allowed inside?
It is forbidden to enter the Lotto Arena with your own food and beverages, sound recorders, film and photo cameras, fireworks, drones, weapons of any kind and other objects that could pose a threat to security. Abuse will be prosecuted. On entering the venue, you consent to any scanning.

Can I enter with a backpack or a large handbag?
As part of the security measures, Sportpaleis Group is tightening up its (hand)bag policy! All bags larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (or 8.27 × 11.81 × 3.94 inch; A4 size) are FORBIDDEN. Backpacks and all kinds of luggage are also prohibited! Strict controls are carried out.

Can I smoke during the event?
There is a strict no smoking policy in the venue, but you can go outside with your ticket if you want to smoke. It is very important that you keep your ticket, otherwise you won’t be allowed back in. Please respect the surroundings and do not leave any cigarette ends on the ground. Those who do smoke in the venue can be fined up to 300 euros.

Can I film or take photographs during the event?
It is not allowed to take photographs or to film during events, nor to make sound recordings, unless otherwise stipulated by the organiser. Or unless, of course, you are from the press and have a valid press accreditation. In some cases, it is not even permitted to use a smartphone to record video or audio material.

Can I be filmed during an event?
Sometimes an event is filmed. As a spectator, you should take into account that there is a chance that you will be filmed. If you are absolutely opposed to this, you can always report this to the info point in the foyer before the start of the event.

Can I use the logo or name of the event?
Unless written permission has been obtained from the organiser, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event or the artist is strictly prohibited.


What measures are taken to ensure security?
Security guards conduct searches at the entrance, patrol the venue and intervene during incidents. The police and the army service are also present at every event to guarantee the safety of visitors.

More FAQ

Where can I go for further questions?
For questions about the tickets, you can contact the Customer Experience Center of Tele Ticket Service. Or send an e-mail to

For any other questions concerning your visit, please send an e-mail to You can reach our administrative department every working day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on +32 3 400 40 40. At this number it is NOT possible to order tickets!