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Symphonic Pink Floyd on 18 December

Thursday 28 September 2017 - 09:00

Symphonic Pink Floyd begins its stellar journey in the year 2017, a major milestone marking 50 years since Pink Floyd released their first iconic into the world, they inspired a vast array of artists from all mediums and created a veritable cultural movement around their experimental and their thought provoking music and visuals. By the interweaving of classical instruments into the complex fabric of the monumental songs that you love, the show will enhance the emotional depth and sensory journey of a live performance. The tightly knit nucleus of internationally acclaimed session musicians, orbited by the vibrant magnitude of a full orchestra will pull you into the mesmerizing one of a kind Pink Floyd experience. Drones, special effects, aerial acrobats, contemporary ballet and holograms will send you in a complete immersion in Pink Floyd’s galaxy. With special guest James LaBrie from Dream Theater.


Symphonic Pink Floyd featuring James LaBrie

Lotto Arena

Mon 18.12.2017