Protect Your Hearing and Keep Enjoying Live Music

Protect Your Hearing and Keep Enjoying Live Music


Music is a source of inspiration and connection. Whether it's a live concert or a theater performance, we love to get swept away by the music. But did you know that regular exposure to loud music can irreversibly damage your hearing?

At concerts and in theaters, the sound level can easily exceed 100 decibels, which can damage your hearing in just 15 minutes. Many people are unaware of this risk until they notice that they have trouble hearing or experience a constant ringing in their ears, known as tinnitus.

Fortunately, protecting your hearing is simple and effective. In all our venues, we provide free earplugs to all visitors.

Why use earplugs?

  • Prevent hearing damage. Earplugs help protect your ears from harmful noise levels, reducing the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus.

  • Better sound experience.

  • Long-term enjoyment. By protecting your hearing, you can keep enjoying concerts and performances without fear of long-term damage. Good hearing contributes to a richer musical experience, both now and in the future.

We believe it's important for you to enjoy every event worry-free. That's why free earplugs are always available in our concert halls and theaters. Feel free to ask for them at the information desk.

Additionally, this summer, we have partnered with hearing protection expert NOIZEZZ. At the Sportpaleis, you can get their EarBeanz in July and August. They are comfortable and specifically designed to preserve music quality while reducing harmful noise.

Don't let loud music ruin your ears. Grab a pair of earplugs at your next visit and enjoy the show knowing you're taking good care of your hearing! 🎧💙

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