Pat B Birthday Bash XXL

za 23.12.2023

De minimumleeftijd om dit evenement bij te wonen, is 16 jaar.

"Antwerp... prepare yourself for code yellow! This is going to be my biggest and boldest birthday bash so far. Together we are about to turn the Lotto Arena completely upside down and YOU are invited!" — Pat B

za 23.12.2023Timing volgt


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Aan de kassa betaal je 2 euro extra servicekosten.
OrganisatorBass Events

Fan Experience

za 23.12.2023 21:00

Party Package (Limited Fan Edition)

  • Access to Pat B Birthday Bash XXL

  • Pat B beanie

  • Pat B bag

  • Pat B button

  • Pat B cardboard smiley

  • Pat B lolly

  • Pat B stickers

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