Dreki Ferdhast

Sun 15.09.2024

A Heilung concert is so much more than just a performance. It's a journey, a ritual, a ceremony. Let yourself be carried away to prehistoric times, together with thousands of other fans.

Special Guest: Zeal & Ardor

Heilung was founded ten years ago by Kai Uwe Faust. He was a tattoo artist specializing in ancient Norwegian tattoos and had a passion for mythology and shamanism. All of these elements are strongly present in Heilung's music and performances. With their primal songs, they pay tribute to ancient Northern European cultures.

€1 per ticket goes to Savage Lands for planting trees.

Sun 15.09.2024
  • Opening venue doors18:30
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OrganizerLive Nation


Sun 15.09.2024 18:30

  • Opening venue doors18:30

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